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Like every other months, the 10th month of the year has its own charms. This month brings the festivity vibes along with the touch of the early winter breeze. Apart from all the festivals, Halloween and preparations for Diwali, birthdays sure are the significant day in this month. As birthday is the most special day for all of us, let the October born people too get the best of surprise gifts even though you are out of town and not able to celebrate their day with them. Be it your daughter’s sweet 16th birthday, or your brother’s 19th birthday, or your parents’ birthday that you have been waiting for a long time, let your gifts reach from the store of MyFlowerApp.Com at the earliest as we provide fastest delivery of Online Birthday gifts. For the ones who are born before 24th of this month, some suitable gifts for the Librans would be perfect. For the ones who celebrate their birthday after 25th October, you can also choose a zodiac sign specific gift for the Scorpions. October born people are quite cool and affectionate. They may not wait for an expensive gift but they probably are waiting for a unique gesture. If your girlfriend or boyfriend’s birthday comes in October, then you should know that they are very good at romancing, so they must be expecting the same thing from you. But in our store, you will get the best of all romantic gifts for the occasion of birthday. Here is a list of suggestions for birthday gifts for your loved ones:

Personalized Mug: A personalized gift is always a step ahead in gifting. Get your loved one’s picture along with you printed on a beautiful ceramic coffee mug and gift it to them on their birthday. This becomes a memorable gift forever as well as a useful one. The recipient can’t resist but remember you every time they take their favourite chai and coffee sips from this.

Mixed rose basket: wish your dear ones in the best way with mixed roses hand crafted cane basket. Send this along with an online birthday greeting card and a lot of love so that your dear one knows how much you adore him or her.

You n Me basket with teddy and roses: this amazing basket comes with an adorable pair of teddy bears which are also assorted with seasonal leaves, flowers and kept all in a hand crafted basket. Send this online in an early morning or in the midnight to show your affection towards the recipient.

Special rose and Teddy arrangement: Who doesn’t like a gift of chocolates, flowers and teddy bears! All of them together in one pack, this will be the suitable one for your cousin, sister, friend, a companion, your crush or even for your wife.    This present is an ultimate carrier of love and emotions in a sweet form.

Lucky bamboo with black forest cake: send the lucky bamboo to your parents and family members on the birthday as a token of love, respect and wishes for them with this best birthday gift combo. The ultimate chocolaty black forest flavour of this gift combo comes with cherry on its top to enhance your birthday celebrations. So send this joyful gift hamper to make their day a great one!

Bouquet of rocher:

Want to impress someone too special with some sweet and unique way? Well, birthday gives us chance to show our love to someone. So take advantage of this day of your dear one and send this gorgeous packing and wrapping of Bouquet of rocher along with a birthday card.

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