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Last year, I traveled to St. Petersburg with my friends to explore the city that has witnessed great wars and rulers. Overall the trip was fun with countless experiences. Upon a friend’s recommendation, I had booked my flight by dialing Telefono de JetBlue reservation. In no time, my flight was booked.

St. Petersburg is popular for its awe-inspiring architectural landmarks and historical buildings. Most of our time was spent visiting the museums, parks, and palaces because we did not want to miss any historical site. St. Petersburg has also a number of bridges and water canals where one can experience the canal tours that pass through classical palaces and castles. The best periods to visit this place are the summer and spring months due to the light evenings, soothing temperature, and long sunshine hours suitable for wandering.

Top attractions in Saint Petersburg

Take a look at some of the best places you must visit in Saint Petersburg. These places hold timeless beauty and offer an incredible experience no matter what sort of traveler you are. With telefono de jetblue reservaciones, travelers can save time and book their flight tickets. These are some of the incredible places that make exploring St. Petersburg fun.

  1. Peterhof Palace

This magnificent site illustrates the rich culture of Russia. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was built by Peter the Great to lend a modern appeal to Russia. Located in Peterhof, Peterhof Palace is a series of palaces covering an area of more than 3900 hectares. While the Peterhof Palace has its own charm, the gardens and fountains surrounding it make the place more alluring.

  1. Church of the Saviour on Blood

Another marvelous architectural piece is the Church of Saviour on Blood that is built on the assassination site of Emperor Alexander II. Tourists from all over the world flock to this popular destination to seek blessings. This former church was built between the years 1883 to 1907 in a medieval Russian design. Its chief architect was Alfred Alexandrovich Parland while various other renowned Russian artists like Viktor Vasnetsov and Mikhail Nesterov designed its interior, with walls and ceilings covered with mosaics.

  1. Cruiser Aurora

Cruiser Aurora is a museum ship that served during World War I, World War II, and the Battle of Tsushima. This 1900 Russian cruiser is now a tourist attraction and hosts several exhibitions throughout the year. The ship houses a portrait of ship’s captain Yegoryev and more than 300 museum objects including paintings, photographs, and documents.

  1. The State Hermitage Museum

The State Hermitage Museum is the world’s second-largest art museum with a collection of over 3 million items. Its collection includes the largest painting collection in the world, the Italian Renaissance, Spanish fine art, Dutch and Spanish Baroque, and much more. Founded in 1764, the museum consists of 6 large historic buildings including the popular Winter Palace. Sections of popular movies like Russian Ark, Wark, and Peace were filmed in the museum. A number of exhibitions and events are also hosted here.

  1. Peter and Paul Fortress

Founded in the 18th century by Peter the Great, this place takes you on the journey of Romanovs. It is the original citadel of St. Petersburg that served as a prison for political criminals during the 1700s and 1920s. Today, this design of Domenico Trezinni serves as a museum attraction across the globe. The tombs of many Russian tzars are buried in the cathedral of the fort. There is also a sand beach in the outdoor area of the fort where you can relax under the sunlight and enjoy the sea breeze.

Besides these places, there are numerous other attractions in St. Petersburg including Catherine Palace, Summer Garden, Bronze Horseman, Griboyedov Canal, Field of Mars, Saint Isaac’s Square, Catherine Park, and much more. So, for those who are planning to travel to St. Petersburg, remember to book your flights by dialing the numero de jetblue en español. St. Petersburg is a great holiday destination to spend time with your family, or indulge in a romantic affair with your beloved.

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