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The Hidden Hindu

Akshat Gupta, an acclaimed author, and master storyteller, has captivated the attention and hearts of thousands of his readers with his bestselling book series, “The Hidden Hindu”. This essay delves deep into Akshat Gupta’s life, his approach to storytelling, the creation of “The Hidden Hindu”, and its impact on readers around the world.

Early Life

Akshat Gupta was born 1985 in Chattisgarh. His love of storytelling began with Hindu mythology as a child. Akshat worked as a Hindi screenwriter and told stories to friends and family before becoming a writer and successful novalist, which fueled his love of storytelling.

He was raised in Chattisgarh before moving to Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Akshat continued his father’s restaurant business. He is the third family member to work in a restaurant.

Akshat married his longtime girlfriend in 2006 at 22. He filed for divorce in 2014 after 8 1/2 years of marriage. The son from his first marriage was Radhe.

His second marriage was in 2018. Akshat claims things improved after his second marriage. His success was solely due to his second wife, who helped him overcome depression after his first marriage failed.

Career Path

Akshat started his career as a screenwriter in Hindi Cinema, where he fine-tuned his writing skills and his ability to capture narratives effectively. This experience also broadened his worldview, exposed him to diverse face of Indian cultures and Sanatan Dharm, and enhanced his storytelling abilities. However, his ambition always lay in authorship; a dream he fulfilled with the publication of “The Hidden Hindu”.

“The Hidden Hindu”

The Hidden Hindu” is a masterpiece that combines elements of suspense, mystery, and spirituality. The story of all three books revolves around the journey and experiences of a man Om Shastri, embarking on an exploration of his Hindu faith and identity, amidst a world of mysteries and mysticism. Akshat’s skillfully woven narrative shows his mastery as a vibrant and vivid storyteller who is not afraid to tackle deep and philosophical subjects.

Building The Story

Akshat’s storytelling technique is unique; he crafts his narratives with utmost precision, leaving no room for loose ends. He delves into rich details, lending his narratives a lifelike quality that instantly connects with the reader. He drew inspiration from his roots, the Indian culture and religion, to craft the novel’s plot. His thorough understanding of Hinduism and its intriguing mythology enabled him to create “The Hidden Hindu” that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant.

Jumps right in

The book starts well and sets the tone for the rest. Opening scene in 2041 features elderly woman and young man Prithvi. Something unimaginable happened in their past that changed their lives forever.

We are then taken to a top-secret Andaman Islands facility for further investigation. The plot thickens quickly, engrossing the reader.

The first book in this trilogy follows the mysterious Aghori Om Shastri, who claims to have lived for thousands of years and witnessed the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

After following his movements for over two centuries, it was finally decided to apprehend and question the enigma. These incredible facts are revealed, however, during the course of covert interrogations.

Everyone is shocked and confused because not a single lie in Om’s story can be detected by any of the state-of-the-art methods of lie detection.

The fact that Om has a propensity for doing the most extraordinary things that aren’t humanly possible, despite his extraordinary strengths and super sharp instincts, only adds to the mystery surrounding him.

The Success Story

The book emerged as a sensational success, earning critical and commercial acclaim in India. It was praised for its deep philosophical undertones, gripping narrative, and its potential to provoke introspection about individual faith and identity. It was also appreciated for its inclusive storytelling which made it relatable to readers from all walks of life, transcending geographical and cultural barriers.

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Influence and Impact

Akshat Gupta’s universal style of storytelling ensured that the “The Hidden Hindu” garnered a wide range of readership. He has carved a niche for himself in literature with this book. The readers have not only adored the intricacies of the plot but have also found personal relevance in the quest for spiritual and self-enlightenment that is intricately intertwined in the storyline.

My Thoughts…

Akshat Gupta’s journey from a passionate young screen writer to an acclaimed author has been remarkable. His masterpiece, “The Hidden Hindu,” is a testament to his storytelling prowess and philosophical insights. The vivid impressions of the Hindu faith and identity etched in the minds of readers worldwide are a tribute to his mastery and skill. Gupta has indeed become the master storyteller behind your favorite book, leaving an indelible impact with his extraordinary narrative.

I have watched his interviews and every podcast with big YouTube channels. The most interesting thing I found about Akshat Gupta is his way of thinking. He is very respectful and knows the Indian Culture very well. Akshat often mentions that he is a house husband and his wife is the man of the house. He says that even sometimes he massage the feet of his second wife but all in the immense love and respect. Most of us in our so called society would find it wrong but the reason he gives and I also find it valid that we always place our goddess’ name before our lords like Gauri-Shankar, Sita-Ram, and Radha-Krishan then why can’t we place our female partner before us even after when Akshat Gupta’s wife stood with his side when he had nothing.

This above part was not necessary to mention but as I said it is the most favorite thing I found about Akshat Gupta that how better he understands his roots and our Indian Culture. I hope you like this article and I absolutely recommend “The Hidden Hindu” trilogy.

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