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Joanna Geary

The team of the curation of twitter Joanna Gearyoremus onezero  is not a regular employee of twitter. She is heading the team of curation at twitter. She is responsible for coming up with great anecdotes and stories on twitter. In addition to that she is one of the few people on twitter who have a lot of fan following. Her texts generally garner a lot of attention throughout the twitter world. A microblogging site which has revolutionised journalism. Most followed person which twitter has is Joanna Gearyoremus onezero does not mince her thoughts and her words while updating her statements on twitter.

Twitter Joanna Gearyoremus onezero, who is a woman of queer shade  who speaks for her community and feminists . She makes sure that she brings to the table the honest and authentic stories reflecting her life. She does not shy away from sharing her struggles and life lessons. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that her reader base has increased prolifically over the years. The readers certainly relate themselves with the words published by Joanna Gearyoremus.

So if you think that the description is guy then you are definitely wrong. It is the woman who is handling the curation team of the twitter Joanna Gearyoremus onezero. She is popular for writing the trending descriptions for twitter.

Joanna ‘s journey and work at twitter

While sharing her journey she reflected upon her achievements since the beginning. She mentioned that she was working with the guardian, in 2013 and then she was called to join the new partnership programme at the office of twitter. Furthermore she revealed that she wanted to  get more into world happenings and things affecting people at macro level. And this came handy when she was given the job of curating the twitter description.

Joanna Gearyoremus is heading the team at twitter who is pro at handling the description. They make sure that people get the context of what is a larger conversation happening in the world, and if they can not do that algorithmically they work alongside and make it happen. So by chance there persists any gap which can  not be fulfilled by the algorithms then their team intervenes and helps the people.

Making the trends comprehensible

The main thing her team is accomplishing over the years is making the twitter trends easily comprehensible. So, when the viewer sees the term, he or she can immediately understand what it is all about and what is the story behind it. The team tries to eliminate a lot of ambiguities which come with the trending tab. For example their current motive is to make sure  that WTF is removed so that people should have a clear idea whether someone has died or whether someone is expecting a kid. The team is working on making the audience and users save time looking for the meaning and story behind the tab .

Giving the context of the trending tabs

The team has a lot of people from different backgrounds which help the team to understand the trends coming from the different locations of the globe. Joanna has given a detail of how the things work in her team. Her team is all putting efforts to give the context working behind the trends. She shared an anecdote about the trending tab of a character in the manga series “Attack on Titan”. Immediately this tab started trending across the globe and that made team work on giving the context of the trend. While giving the context the team overshared about the series. And This led to fans inflicting their wrath who without any filter called out on us for giving the spoiler. That one step made the team re review their strategy of giving the context and saving themselves of the wrath of twitteratis.

Working on difficult trends

Joanna Gearyoremus has found that her team has sometime back faced a difficult situation where the trends have two or more conversations. At that time her team was in doldrums on how to give the contexts for different conversations in one trend. So they have decided to skip the trend which has a general context attached to it like monday motivation. And the trends like these are obviously easily comprehensible.

Interestingly she revealed that twitter doesn’t specifically create the descriptions behind the trending tabs. Furthermore she added that they source their description from the organization or the people or news who have already given the description. So basically they just give the reference of the events which are trending in the news.

Furthermore she added that for her and her team it is very important that people get the trending tabs and see those which they want. And nothing is pushed down their throats just because they have given the context to it. This thoughtfulness is essential for them to work upon so that twitter can be made more inclusive.

In yet another interview Joanna has said that twitter has changed journalism and the way things used to work before the launching of this micro blogging site. Twitter has introduced the concept of citizen journalism. This kind of journalism includes citizens sharing their news and the happenings of their lives. This trend fills in the new perspective which are personal to the events and incidents which regular and traditional journalism sometimes miss. But there is always a risk of spreading misinformation through this citizen journalism. The citizen journalism is not a trained one and devoid of any such ethics of the journalism. There is always a race of speed and accuracy in this new age. This might sometimes come with the fear of spreading false information.

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