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Wedding Invitations

WhatsApp wedding invitations are the new quick, uncomplicated & easy way to send an e-invite to the wedding guests. Since around 90% of our wedding guests are active users of WhatsApp, it comes in handy for the couple to invite them over by sending either an image or a URL of the wedding website embedded with the invitation or a gif/ pdf version of the invite in the WhatsApp interface.

Everyone uses WhatsApp

Using Whatsapp acting as a medium for communication isn’t new for all of us but sending an e-invite through text is new to many of us. This method allows the guest and the couple to stay physically distant but primarily it develops a specific connection. As we go paperless, sending e-invites it plainly shows our concerns to the environment as it reduces paper waste. Couples are adapting to switch to socially concerning options like e-invites as it allows their guests to acknowledge the primary focus of it as it is also smart to choose e-invites as they are easily accessible to all the invitees.

Avoid misunderstanding

Invitees have developed an impression that being invited late for an important wedding may be considered ‘rude’. We can avoid these trivial misunderstandings by inviting all the guests in a single click, all at the same time (much prior to the date of the wedding). Make sure they are informed of the date, time, venue, and theme of the wedding. Wedding websites also make sure they RSVP through their respective Whatsapp wedding website. Everything happens in a short span of time. We have to make sure that everyone is properly invited, with e-invitations, the couple finds to more innovative to invite their acclaimed guests through Whatsapp Wedding Invitation.

Less Cost, More Designs

Couples on a budget would find this as a budget-friendly option, as they cut a hefty amount by using WhatsApp wedding invitations. The variety of designs the online wedding cards offer isn’t something easily discovered in print invitations, the templates, their varieties, and variations available on online wedding invitations is wider. They get to even customize their wedding invitation. The online platform has made it serene for us all, as we could create pretty much anything online. It has made things much easy for couples to effortlessly adapt to this mode for creating the personalized Whatsapp wedding invitation.

Personalized Invitation

We all wish we send personalized invitations to all our guests, but we also know that it is very expensive to do so. But through Whatsapp Wedding Invitations it is possible. As mentioned above, the variety of designs and templates along with personalized touches on the invitation at an affordable price is all viable in e-invites. It is smart to stick to e-invites as it also the only way forward to a waste-free environment.

Going Paperless

Have you ever thought of what is the purpose of a printed invitation card for a wedding which took place in the past, laying on the teapoy with no definite purpose? It might be either used as a paper fan or a decor card to anything else. Or worst it goes to the dustbin in a few days, as it holds no further value. Going paperless with wedding invitations will only cause positive effects as it saves time, paper, invites more people, and reduces the hassle for both the ends to receive and send invitations. We as responsible invitees or organizers of a wedding should encourage such initiatives and support such smart and waste-free wedding ideas over the conventional less-efficient initiatives.

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