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When thinking about commercial vans, nothing serves best than the GMC Savana. Its 2023 version comes with ideal practicality and power that makes it an ideal van to have for work purposes. People in the market seeking one should visit Burley GMC dealer. Here, one can check out this vehicle in detail as to what it can do. However, people wondering why this is the best for commercial purposes, then go through the info below.

Why 2023 Savana is ideal for work purposes?

GMC Savana has been serving as a commercial van for the last decade or so. It is one of the vans that provides everything an individual seeks in a commercial van. To be an ideal choice it offers:

  • Ample space
  • Enough power
  • Reasonable price

If you want can have a look at these below!

Ample space – be it cargo or passenger van

One of the reasons people want Savana to be their commercial van is because of ample space it provides. Since it is used for work, its interior is simple and practical. This van is all about function and thus, a passenger van has 12 seating as a standard option. However, many opt for an extended wheelbase as it can carry 15 passengers.

Savana’s cargo version comes with 287 cubic feet of space for storing cargo. This model comes with bare areas that help people to easily customize according to their needs. Depending on a model people can either choose to have a sliding door system or simply a two-door style that swung open.

Hence, it shows how spacious this van is and that is what individual checks and needs when opting for a commercial vehicle.

Enough power delivered to wheels

A V6 4.3L engine is what comes as the standard engine for this vehicle, which creates 276 hp. However, people looking for more power can choose to get the V8 6.6L engine that offers 410 horses. The V6 is combined with a modern automatic 8-speed transmission, while the V8 is paired mated with an automatic 6-speed durable transmission.

When equipped with V8 and trailering package, this van can tow a maximum of 10,000 pounds. To know the exact towing capability of all the versions of Savana, visit Burley GMC dealership.

Price of this van

There are four variants available for the 2023 GMC Savana. Its entry-level trim is Cargo Van 2500, which costs $39,895 and the 3500 model is priced at $42,995. Its Passenger Van 2500 starts from $44,095 and the 3500 model cost $45,295 approximately.

It will depend on a person as to which would be more suited to his/her commercial purpose. Each variant of Savana offers high performance for years. Hence, choose either the cargo or passenger van according to your requirement.

These are the reasons why Savana is the best van for work purposes. Visit a dealership and see it for yourself. Also, take a test drive before buying it; upon satisfaction get the paperwork done and put the van to work quickly.

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