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Punjabi is one of the most renowned state of India. Punjab is a leading producer of agricultural products. On a graph Punjabi stepped on an increased Trend in development. The Punjab government tried all possibilities to provide best services and opportunities to the people of the Punjab. It aims to eradicate poverty , provide employment and a safe environment to the people who are living in Punjab. Punjab witnessed all these changes at a gradual pace. Different governmental organizations are handling all their services and opportunities.  One of the fields of the government that handles all such programs is the public welfare department.

How does the public welfare department work?

Public welfare department work is not an easy job. The people who work in the public welfare department should have full dedication towards their work because they have to understand the people’s sentiments and have empathy towards them. Moreover they know how to analyse all the problems of the people and prioritise different communities on the basis of necessities, income assets and so on. Therefore the public welfare department requires a leader or minister that manages all the work of the public welfare department .Mr Vijay inder Singla ,our pwd minister is a legit personality for this work. He manages all the tasks so efficiently.

How does  public welfare improve the economy of Punjab?

Public welfare department of punjab plays a wider role in improving the economy of Punjab by reducing the poverty rate and raising the income. Since public welfare provides cash assistance to those who are in much need . Moreover, an initiative to promote good health leads to a better economy . Not only this the participation of Vijay inder singla  in different projects especially in the development of Punjab is well appreciated and contributed. So make positions  greater by choosing the right and the best leader.

Contributions of citizens towards the public welfare department.

All we need is cooperation . Cooperation and support to our pwd minister will provide an assurance for a better punjab. Pwd is for the people of punjab and if the citizens of punjab work cooperatively with the government then it becomes much easier to remove all the evils of society that is poverty , unemployment and so on. Acting as a helping hand makes Punjab a better and a safe place to live. Our pwd minister Mr.vijay inder singla tries his best to provide all the opportunities to the people of Punjab and he works with all his efficacy to make punjab a best place to live on.

Objectives our pwd minister in making punjab developed

There are many objectives of our pwd minister in making the Punjab fully developed state. The foremost objective is the introduction of certain programmes to diminish the malnutrition by providing supplemental nutrition to the children , lactating women and pregnant women . Moreover , providing education to every child in every corner of the Punjab . Another important objective of our pwd minister is to provide temporary assistance to the needy people ,Introduction of community hospitals for the good health of the people .

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