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Camaro is known globally and people love how good this muscle car is on the road and on tracks. Hence, getting it is always an excellent idea. If you are looking to get something that will provide you with a beast for the track and also a beast for the road, then this is the car to get.

You can visit Glenwood Chevrolet dealer to have a look at this vehicle and take a test ride if required. However, know why it is a good decision to get this automobile.

Amazing powertrain

A muscle car’s primary attraction is its powertrain. Engine power and performance are what muscle car owners check first. The entry-level trim is fitted with a 4-cylinder engine that produces 275 horses. It might not sound quick, but in its category, it is much quicker than you can imagine.

However, most people skip the base model when buying a Camaro. Most owners opt for the V6 or V8 engine trims. The V6 is gutsy and offers 335 ponies. It sounds like thunder passing by and sends a shiver down the spine.

The Small-block V8 is another story; it is the perfect engine for this vehicle. When buying a muscle car, you should have an engine under its hood that roars and will make every other rival quiet. It delivers 455 hp and a torque of 455 lb-ft. It is quite a fast machinery that offers supreme acceleration and more.

The default transmission for this vehicle is a manual six-speed, while there is an optional automatic eight-speed available too. In addition, there is also an automatic ten-speed slick-shift transmission that is available for the V6 and V8 engines only. Also, its robust built quality and aerodynamics are responsible for its well-balanced firm ride and yet it is agile enough to offer complete driving satisfaction on a curvy road.

Moreover, people can pair this vehicle with a package that transcends its ability. Installing 1LE package will lead people to enjoy power-steering, even better Brembo brakes, etc. This setup will help people to dominate a track as well as drive in a relaxing manner on a regular road.

For other details of this car’s powertrain such as mileage, you should visit Glenwood Chevrolet dealership.

Improved interior

The interior of the 2023 Camaro is highly improved when compared with its previous generations. It now comes with a modern look and is created using better materials. The layout is straightforward and its seats are highly comfortable.

A heads-up display is optional for this vehicle and other features include a Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless smartphone integration, an intuitive infotainment system, and more.

Versions available

7 versions are available for this vehicle; however, you should always get the 1SS or 2SS model as both come with the V8 engine powertrain. The 1SS costs $41,295 and 2SS is priced at $46,295.

Though the starting price of a Camaro is $27,795, if you want to dominate the tracks, then 1 or 2SS is the trim you want.

Since people can use this vehicle for tracks as well as regular roads, getting this car is always a good idea!

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