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There are numerous reasons why more people are opting for Hyundai’s Evolve+ program instead of ordinary rentals. It is how people can have access to new cars as their rentals for a monthly subscription plan suitable to a renter.

There has been a rise in the numbers of such renters because of the benefits people come across when comparing ordinary Vehicle rental vs Evolve+ program. Hence, take a look at why Evolve+ Program is better than anything else.

Why this program from Hyundai is better?

Several reasons have led people to opt for this program in the first place. These include:

1.Flexible access

One of the primary reasons people opt for this program is the fact that it offers flexible access to EVs easily. People opting for this program can use any electric car of their choice from Hyundai. It means that once selected when subscribing, people can use the vehicle for 28 days as per the monthly subscription agreement. Also, after a month’s subscription, people can switch to a different electric model if they choose to.

For example, if a renter wants to choose a Hyundai EV such as Kona Electric, he/she gets to drive it for 28 days. After that, if they don’t like driving it, they can switch plans to choose another electric vehicle such as Ioniq 5. Such flexibility of access is not available for any other system.

2. A monthly subscription includes everything

When opting for Evolve+ Program, it allows people to enjoy all facilities. The monthly subscription offers people to enjoy things like the EV, vehicle insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance if required.

No extra charge is required from people for all these benefits. Thus, it makes more sense to people to opt for Evolve+ Program rather than any other ordinary vehicle rental system. There are no hidden charges and costs like most people face with other rental setups. Moreover, a monthly Evolve+ subscription will cost lower than opting for ordinary rental programs. This is one of the major benefits of Evolve+ program.

3. Ideal for people not willing to commit to EVs

This program is ideal for people who are not a fan of EVs yet. One of the reasons Hyundai has launched this program is to ensure people that EVs are a great mode of transportation. Through this program, people don’t have to commit to EVs if they don’t like them. Hence, they can try it first for a month. If they don’t like it, they can always return it after the month; however, if they like the experience they can simply buy an EV of their liking.

4. Easy processing

Becoming involved in this program is quite easy. The entire process is done through an app launched by Hyundai. All people need to do is go through potential rental models, setup a payment plan, and then reach the dealership to get their cars. Such easy processing is why most people prefer it to traditional rental systems.

All these make Hyundai’s Evolve+ Program a better option than traditional rental systems. So, try it to check out new EVs and hassle-free commuting.

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