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OnePlus Z

OnePlus is one of the leading smartphone companies in the market. Despite being a fresh entrant in the market, the company has been able to make a special place for itself. The customers are loving the quality of the gadgets being provided by it.

OnePlus is explicitly known for the high-quality features that it provides in its smartphones. OnePlus phones are one of the best flagship phones in the world. Flagship products are the ones in which the main focus is not given to any specific function, but the whole product is designed with the view to delivering the best quality services to the customers.

The latest smartphone due to be introduced in the market by this company is OnePlus Z for which everyone has been hearing for a long time now. It was supposed to be launched in April 2020, but it didn’t happen. Though there have been various guesses about the launch of this phone in India, yet there has been no official notification regarding the same. Due to the pandemic, it could be expected that the launch of the OnePlus Z model in the market may be delayed by a few weeks or a few months. And now it is expected to launch in June/July 2020 as per unofficial sources.

Now, let’s check out if this phone is worthy of what it is claimed.

Well, to start with, OnePlus Z runs on the Android v10 operating system, which makes it one of the most efficient and fast running devices. The rest specifications of the phone are as follows:

  • Processor: OnePlus Z runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Snapdragon is one of the fastest processors in the world. Qualcomm snapdragon 855 will enable the users to have the fastest experience while switching from one application to the other.

The phone has an octa-core processor. An octa-core processor has 8 processors working together. For this device, these are a single core 2.42GHz+ tri-core 1.8 GHz+ a quad-core kryo 485. Currently, the octa-core is the highest speed offering processor in the market. This will also ensure that the customers do not have to face any issues regarding the starting of any application. The phone has a 64-bit architecture.

  • Storage: OnePlus Z has 128 GB internal storage and 8 GB RAM. This amount of RAM will help the users to use their phones without any problems. 8 GB RAM makes this phone a very good device for people who are interested in video games.

128 GB internal storage means the users can save thousands of their videos and pictures apart from the other data on their devices. They do not even need external storage space to store their data as the inbuilt storage in this phone is enough to keep them going. The phone does not have any expandable memory, which means that there is no slot for inserting any data storage cards or SD cards.

  • Camera: OnePlus is well-known among the customers for its camera quality. The OnePlus phone cameras are giving tough competition to the camera phones that exist in the market. THE onePlus Z comes with single exposure ISO control cameras. While the front-facing camera is a 12 MP powered lens, the phone has a dual rear camera. The rear cameras have a power of 48MP + 16 MP with High dynamics range mode.

The cameras of this phone have features such as digital zoom, auto flash, face detection, and touch to focus options. The image resolution is set at 8000 x 6000 pixels. All these features will help the users to click pictures like professionals. The phone could be easily used in low light conditions to capture real looking pictures.

  • Battery: OnePlus Z comes with a non-replaceable and non-removable battery. The phone has a 4000mh Li-ion battery. The phone comes with a fast-charging feature and could be charged easily using a C type USB cable. 4000mh battery means that the phone could work for a whole day once it is fully charged. The fast charging feature allows the users to charge their phones on the run while they are in a hurry. A 15-20-minute charging will make the phone work for hours. This is one of the best features of this phone, as in current times when people are so busy, managing to get hours for charging phones is not possible.
  • Display: OnePlus Z has a touch screen that comes with capacitive touch controls. It has a punch-hole AMOLED display. The display screen comes with a high resolution of 1080×2340 pixels with a pixel density of about 403 PPI. The screen is 6.4 inches big. The screen also has the feature of multi-touch. The high resolution will make the experience for the users like a real one. The colors appear brighter and the pictures could fix properly on a big display.

The screen is protected using a gorilla glass. Gorilla glass prevents the screen from breaking even if the phone falls from high altitudes. This makes the screen of this phone very strong and damage-proof. The phone has a fingerprint sensor as well, which enhances its privacy and security ratings.

  • Network connectivity: OnePlus Z comes with inbuilt Bluetooth for data sharing and GPS connectivity features for a live location or current location sharing. The phone has a wi-fi connection feature as well as the feature of the mobile hotspot. This could be used to share the network. The phone has a Volte feature as well. The phone could have two sim cards at one time. The sim could be based on 4G or 3G or a 2G network. Only nano sims would fit in the sim slot of the phone. The phone has a USB slot for sharing as well as charging purposes.

OnePlus Z is expected to be priced at around $498. But with the planning of the launch of OnePlus Z in the market, the company is all set to increase its market share and gain more and more customers. This model could compete with the new phones of the most successful and leading smartphone brands in the market. The device will surely be another success story for the OnePlus company.

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