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There are numerous toy haulers in the market to choose from. Hence, it is not easy to just go and buy whichever product one sees first. There are certain things that you should be aware of before purchasing a toy hauler for yourself. Therefore, take a look at some of the details about the 2022 DRV Luxury Suites FullHouse JX450 to understand why it is the best choice in current times.

Things to know about this toy hauler

Before visiting West Des Moines Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler dealer to book one, check out the JX450 model beforehand. Simply know about its dimension first and then move on to the rest of the details.

  • Dimension of this hauler

The length of this toy hauler is 44 feet 2 inches. It is one of the largest luxury trailers that you can purchase. It has an exterior width of 8 feet 5 inches; also, its gross weight is 24,000 pounds and its dry weight is 20,310 pounds. It is one of the most spacious trailers that you can buy and one of the reasons why people prefer this over any other.

  • Features inside trailers

This trailer comes completely equipped with a kitchen, bedroom, living space, and more. Two people can sleep easily on the king-size bed. The bedroom also comes with a large LED TV, closet space, and other small furniture. The kitchen is equipped with a French door refrigerator along with cooktop burners, cabinets, and more. Its bathroom is equipped with a standard shower, washer and dryer, water heater, etc. The water heater is powered by gas or electricity and has a capacity of 12 gallons.

Lastly, the living space doubles as a dining area and comes with folding chairs, tables, LED TVs, and more. Throughout the interior, LED lighting is fixed which is more than enough to see clearly at night. In short, it is nothing short of a fully-furnished house. If you want to check out the interior and go minutely through it before buying, then visit West Des Moines Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler dealership.

  • Other details

Some of the other details of this toy hauler include capacities of various aspects. It can hold 100 gallons of fresh water along with 50 gallons of black water and 75 gallons of grey water. Also, its fuel capacity is 60 gallons which is quite similar to or more than most of its rivals. In addition, electric services come from 50-amp power. Moreover, there is a garage available along with a power-operated awning, and more.

This toy hauler costs around $169,995 but to know about offers and other discounts, you should visit a dealership. Also, people who need can opt for finance which the sellers will help you with.

This is a tremendous trailer that no one should overlook. From spacious bedrooms to all modern facilities, this toy hauler provides it with all. Hence, if you’re in the market to buy such a vehicle, you need to check this out immediately. So, visit a dealership and talk to the sales team quickly. If you have any query they will answer and solve it on the spot.

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