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In the electric vehicle segment, Chevy Bolt EV has made a name for itself due to the performance it provides along with its looks. If you are looking to purchase an electric vehicle, then you should visit Prescott Valley Chevrolet dealer and check out the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV.

A lot of things have been changed and upgraded for this generation Bolt EV and it is better to know about it beforehand. These changes along with other details show why people looking to get an EV should consider buying this car.

New noticeable things in the 2023 Bolt EV

The biggest change that people notice is the price drop for the 2023 version of the Bolt EV. The price of this vehicle is dropped by $5,900 when compared to its last-generation models. Chevrolet decided to decrease its price because the company wanted to keep cost of this car competitive in the market. Apart from the massive price change, another update aspect is the introduction of its new paint color Radiant Red Tintcoat.

The new pricing of this generation Bolt EV starts from $26,595 for its 1LT and 2LT costs $29,795. You can know more about such changes by visiting Prescott Valley Chevrolet dealership.

EV motor and performance

The powertrain and chassis for this generation Bolt EV are similar to its previous generation trims. The electric motor will deliver 200 horses and around 266 lb-ft of torque to its front wheels. This system helps this vehicle to have a peppy acceleration that is expected from every EV in the market. Its low-end torque is what people enjoy the most about Bolt EV.

Whether driving in cities or on highways merging and passing is quite smooth. Moreover, it provides ample power and a composed ride that makes buying this car more practical for all. In addition, its driving demeanor will challenge any negative preconception that an individual might hold about electric cars.

Furthermore, people can enjoy a one-pedal driving system which can be activated by using center console buttons. Also, this significantly increases regenerative braking aspect and this makes a driver hardly use brakes for slowing down this vehicle.

When this car is fully charged, it will provide a range of 259 miles. It is at par with most other EVs or better except Tesla Model 3 but it costs substantially higher than Bolt EV. Thus, Bolt EV is, without a doubt, one of the best options to buy when seeking electric cars.

Also, this car has a dual charging cord that can be plugged into both levels 1 and 2; it means that people can charge this vehicle using either a 120-volt or 240-volt system. Also, this system eliminates people to purchase a home charging kit separately.

Furthermore, level 2 system increases charging speed to 11 kW at least which allows a battery pack to charge completely within 7 hours. Opting for a DC charging system will allow people to have a range of 100 miles with 30 minutes of charging.

Hence, this is without doubt of the best EVs that you can buy and with a price change, there is no better option currently!

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