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The 2023 Toyota Prius Prime is one of the best cars that offer reliability, comfort and more. This is why most people are interested in buying this vehicle to use it as an everyday vehicle.

Hence, people looking to buy one should know a few things about it first. Below mentioned are details about its powertrain, interior, price, etc. So, before visiting Eagle Toyota dealer, you need to ensure that you know these things.

Engine details

A new engine is placed under this vehicle’s hood nowadays. Previous generation models had a 1.8L engine; however, now a 2L engine is used for supplying power to Prius Prime. This engine helps in delivering 160 horses. Also, it is paired with 2 electric motors; one will deliver power to driving wheels and another one controls gearset. This aids in solving grunt of the gas engine to ensure that is similar to CVT belt-driven aspect.

This altogether gives a result of 220 horses making it offer better power than most of its rivals in this category. Also, it comes with an FWD setup only. Though there isn’t any official news about an AWD setup, if it is launched then there will be an electric motor setup solely for the rear axle. Overall, it can provide an overall rating of 121 MPGe.


This vehicle’s inside is quite attractive as its exterior portion. Its interior has some similarities with bZ4X SUV electric. The cabin is outfitted with wraparound fit along with an infotainment display mounted on the center.

Moreover, its gauge cluster is mounted in front of a driver. In addition, its shifter has been moved directly from its dash and placed on center console. Also, there is enough for people to sit in the front as well as in the rear seats.

Other features include a touchscreen 8-inch infotainment display is standard for its lower-end models; however, opting for higher-end trims will get one a 12.3-inch display. Also, some other features include USB-C ports, JBL stereo, wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto. To know more about the interior features, you need to visit Eagle Toyota dealership.

New aspects of Prius Prime and pricing

For the 2023 generation, this car has been redesigned completely and gave it a new look. This plug-in hybrid now comes with a renovated chassis. The electric motors along with the gas-powered engine help this vehicle to have 99 more horses than its previous generation models.

There are just three variants available for this car. The first or base model is SE and it costs $33,445. The other two models are XSE and XSE Premium which are priced at $36,695 and $40,265. You can get either of the XSE models for yourself as both offer great performance and more to people.

These are some of the things that you should know about the 2023 Toyota Prius Prime. It is an excellent car that is ideal for daily commuting inside city limits or when on the highways. So, book one today and be the owner of a great vehicle that will serve you well for decades.

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