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Toyota Voxy

The design of Toyota Voxy is quite solid with its headlights protruding inward and its dynamic fractures and curves making a statement. During the Toyota Voxy Review process, used car for sale in Jamaica visitors and potential buyers need to note that, Voxy does have a distinctive appearance with its dominant black grille. The front side is smooth and doesn’t have many curves like the other Voxy siblings.

The car’s rear is also a perfect match for the spoiler placed on the roof, and the car’s tail is beautifully sculpted. Overall, the Toyota New Voxy looks beautiful and elegant with its spacious body. The interior is wrapped in premium leather and provides generous legroom.

Salient Features:

Voxy doors use a sliding door system that can open and slide automatically. The car dashboard is equipped with exclusive entertainment features such as the LCD screen, navigation, radio, Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and on-screen navigation effects. The car also boasts a parking sensor, audio system, and air conditioning.

The rear exterior of the Toyota Voxy is wide with chrome garnish on the back door. The exterior design of the rear of the car is boxy with firm angles. The unique aspect of the Toyota Voxy rear design is that the wiper base is on the top side of the rear glass, which is certainly rarely found in cars in general.

Not to forget to do a detailed review of a used car for sale in Jamaica centers, the Toyota Voxy has been equipped with a trunk door that is large enough that can contain a lot of luggage considering the size of the car trunk that is relieved. Plus, the rear lights, Toyota Voxy has used LED lights too.

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For Better Drive:

The interior of the Toyota Voxy is to pamper the driver because it is equipped with reliable features, such as telescopic tilt steering that can be adjusted according to driver comfort. Also, when a car sells in Jamaica, the buyer is in the front of the driver cabin, the monitor screen dominates the dashboard welcomes. Please note that this dual-screen model is still the same as the Toyota NAV1.

Coupled with the cluster instrument placed right in front of the driver, this is deliberately made to give a better driving impression. Besides, the instrument cluster on the interior of the Toyota Voxy is also equipped with Opti Tron technology.

According to your needs, Toyota Voxy is also known to be very flexible because you can freely adjust the second and third-row seat positions. All the comfort in the interior of the Toyota Voxy is undoubtedly worth the price you will pay for this car.

To Avoid Collision:

Mandatory features such as air conditioning, keyless entry, automatic climate control, power outlets, and power steering, cruise control, and cup holders on the side of the seats are also available on this car. Not only that, but excellent features such as the availability of the Exquisite Double Moonroof feature on the Toyota Voxy will add to the premium and luxurious impression like Alphard.

Toyota Voxy also uses a sliding door on the side; this type of door is considered suitable for the large car dimensions that ensure easiness for the rear passengers to get out. The safety features of the Toyota Voxy are complete and qualified in ensuring your safety when driving with this car after buying it from the Jamaica car sale center.

Toyota Voxy provides Airbags that ensure the driver and passenger’s safety in the event of a collision. Besides, the availability of the Emergency Brake Signal (EBS) feature also adds to your safety level if you own this car. This EBS feature functions to activate the brakes and turn on the hazard lights automatically so that the rider behind us can avoid when we brake hard and suddenly to avoid the collision.

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